“Five Days in Huyton Quarry” Heritage Project

throughout 2022 and 2023, St Gabriel’s Church is being supported by a Knowsley heritage grant to celebrate its history across the last 127 years.

Facilitated by One Knowsley and supported by the National Lottery heritage fund, “5 Days in Huyton Quarry” is inspired by some of those people who have attended over the years. people like the actor Rex Harrison who have risen to fame.

His 1940’s British spy film “10 Days in Paris”, for us becomes “5 Days in Huyton Quarry”, including a harvest festival showing of Dr Dolittle staring Rex Harrison; in the spring 2023 a Beatles tribute week celebrating the place of 5th Beatle Stuart Sutcliffe; with 3 additional dates later that year dedicated to others in our history.

Sadly, we weren’t able to celebrate our remarkable history as we would have liked due to the pandemic, but we extend a very warm welcome to anybody who would like to join us this coming year.

Are you part of our story?

Whether or not you can join us is person, we would love to hear from you if you are part of our story.

Please send your memories and pictures to us and we will try to include you in our exhibition running throughout the year.

Please send to heritage.stgabriels@huytondeanery.org

View our exhibition online, please click on the links below