About St. Gabriel’s

St. Gabriel’s Church celebrates its 125th anniversary in November 2019. In that time a lot has changed in and around the church community. But, Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever (Hebrews 13 verse 8) and His love and mercy is endless. Everything we do at ‘the Gabs’ is focused on Jesus. We believe He loves Huyton Quarry and everyone who lives, works or plays in our neighbourhood. We believe He delights when people recognise and receive His love, especially when that love brings healing, wholeness and forgiveness.

We come in all shapes and sizes, and we are all at different places on a spiritual journey. None of us is perfect, not even close. But we do try really hard to be more like Jesus every day and we genuinely mean it when we say you are welcome.

St Gabriel’s is a Christian Church in the Anglican (Church of England) tradition. We worship using varied styles but our preaching and prayer is always that the Holy Spirit would make Jesus known in our lives and worship. For more information about our faith click here

We are part of Huyton Deanery (a group of thirteen churches serving areas of Knowsley) and The Diocese of Liverpool

Other networks which are important to us include The Church of England, New Wine, National Estate Churches Network